Poker is undoubtedly one of the most captivating games ever created. However, it implies the need to gamble alongside other players, which is often not suitable for everyone. To help poker fans preferring to push their luck on their own, the gambling industry created a computerized version of this exciting table game – video poker.

What is the main difference between standard poker and its online counterpart? If usual poker enthusiasts play against each other, in video poker, the whole gambling process is conducted against a computer or a slot machine. Yet, even here, gamblers should keep a proper video poker strategy in mind, understand the rules and winning hands to gain a fortune.

Video Poker: Why Is It So Popular Today?

How to Play Video Poker - Video Poker: Why Is It So Popular Today?

Video poker is in great demand nowadays due to its convenience and accessibility. To try it out, gamers simply need to log in to their chosen virtual casino and select their favorite poker variation.

The majority of online gaming portals offer different versions of this enthralling card game. The user can choose what suits them best and play whenever they want. Video poker shows off vibrant and high-quality gaming animation. As for its intuitive interface, it emanates the same vibes as the lively atmosphere that reigns in the legendary casinos of Las Vegas.

To learn how to play video poker, one must have basic skills in its classic version. Learning winning hands by hard will also come in handy. As a rule, in different variations of video poker, the same combinations are relevant.

The gamer plays with a five-card hand and selects cards they want to change to get the best combo. With a little effort, the user can beat the virtual dealer.

Main Peculiarities

How to Play Video Poker - Main Peculiarities

The rules of video poker boil down to form a winning combination, bringing the gambler certain money prizes. Since there are no rivals, there is also no Showdown. The player’s cards will be scanned immediately to determine their value.

After selecting a gambling machine, the gamer should set the nominal value and the number of coins. Since they will be used for betting, it is better to start with small amounts.

Pressing a select button launches the gambling session. In various types of poker, this button is designated differently, but it is impossible to miss it on the screen. The gambler receives 5 cards. Once the draw is finished, it is vital to study them carefully and determine which cards to keep and which ones to discard.

But how to win at video poker? If, after the card exchange, the user has created a winning combination, they will be rewarded with a cash prize. Its size hinges upon the combo’s ranking and the amount of the stake.

Remembering Rules

How to Play Video Poker - Remembering Rules

In video poker, the principles may vary from version to version, but in general, they are built according to the same concept. To understand how to play video poker, keep in mind the following rules:

  • Traditionally, the deck includes 52 cards. Respectively, if the selected video poker type features Jokers used as Wilds, the deck will consist of more cards.
  • After the user clicks the “Deal” button, they will be given five cards selected randomly.
  • Pushing the “Hold” button helps the gambler to decide which cards they want to save. All other cards are discarded and changed to new ones.
  • The formed hand becomes a decisive factor in determining the amount of the payment.
  • One can find the rankings of video poker hands (more accurately, of its particular variation) in the specific payout table. The highest-ranked combination is the Royal Flush, followed by Straight Flush and Square.
  • Depending on the version of video poker chosen by the gamer, it is allowed to gamble with several hands at the same time, or with just one hand.
  • The user can bet up to 5 coins.

The whole essence of the video poker rules comes down to one goal – to finish the gaming session with the highest-ranked combination of cards. Since each type of video poker has its set of rules, there may be some differences in the winning hands. That is why, before figuring out how to play video poker, it is necessary to study all the specifics and principles of its variations properly. 

The Simplest Video Poker Strategy

Playing video poker can bring you a decent amount of money, as this type of table game has the highest payback among all casino gambling activities. The most important thing here is to adhere to the money management strategy and practice a lot to learn the ropes of numerous variations of this thrilling game. Thus, the simplest video poker strategy involves bankroll – namely, learning to set a limit and never overstep it, protecting oneself from significant financial losses.


Even though the choice of video poker types is abundant, finding out how to win at video poker depends directly on your ability to learn the rules and specifications of the game process.